Where We're Going

Weddle has a few jobs in place that are yet to bid, as well as a pipeline full of potential jobs that we need your help to get. We value working with trusted, quality subcontractors, and we hope you value working for a Construction Manager/General Contract who strives to work in partnership with you. Below is information on future jobs and markets that Weddle plans to pursue this year.


Architects Rendering

The Graduate Hotel
Bloomington, Indiana

The Graduate Hotel is a new downtown Bloomington hotel nestled in the heart of Kirkwood Ave. The Graduate chain of hotels are located in University towns across the South and Midwest. Weddle will be acting as the Construction Manager on this project and will be soliciting bids starting in spring of 2017.


The Kelley School of Business

Higher Education

Weddle has provided leadership in meeting the facility and capital needs of universities and colleges for over six decades. Our extensive expertise includes academic buildings, research facilities, laboratories, residential housing, student centers, administrative centers and sports facilities. From new construction to complex renovation and building rehabilitation, Weddle helps provide facilities to meet the ever evolving needs of providing an innovative and inviting campus experience.


IU Health Clinic


Hospitals and health care professionals have trusted Weddle to deliver a wide variety of memorable and essential projects.  Our portfolio has touched almost every clinical and specialty area and department – from new replacement hospitals to surgical suites, cath labs, emergency rooms, cancer treatment centers, state of the art imaging, women and children specialties and medical office buildings.

We understand the patient first concern of healthcare facilities and our staff is trained in infectious control, occupied space safety, Joint Commission requirements, and environmental issues specific to health care.


bio and life sciences

Weddle’s decades of experience in healthcare construction serves as the backdrop for our progression into the Bio and Life Science construction specialty. We understand the critical imperatives for cooperative partnerships to ensure that we meet each client’s unique needs. We understand the demand for cleanliness as well as infection and environmental controls associated with this specialized construction. Our work in the market includes research and discovery laboratories, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing facilities, and packaging operations.