Weddle has vast experience in both civil and heavy construction.  Weddle Bros. Building Group will perform site preparation and mid-sized civil projects.  WB•Koester Construction is our full service site civil company. 


WB•Koester is a full service mass excavation and grading contractor located in Evansville, IN. With over 40 years of site development experience in the Power Generation, Industrial, and Coal Mining markets throughout the Midwest and beyond, WB•Koester has completed a multitude of challenging civil projects for a world class list of customers.

WB•Koester is committed to providing outstanding services in: 

  • Power Plant Site Work, Ash Pond and CCW Landfill Construction.
  • Industrial and Commercial Site Development Projects.
  • Coal Mine and Quarry Development and Land Reclamation Projects.
  • Highways, Railroads, Airports and other transportation related infrastructures.